Meet the Doctor

Dr. Katherine Sanchez is very gentle, compassionate and highly qualified.

She is gentle because she has good hand skills. She is an artist and dentistry is actually artwork. Dentistry requires precision and skill. She feels that making crowns and carving fillings is like painting and sculpting, delicate works of art. She can maneuver the instruments delicately like a paintbrush. She makes each dental work the best because she sometimes refers to specialist who will see her work. To prove it, she will always show the patient the crowns and fillings afterwards. She loves her work because she is naturally skilled at it.

She is compassionate because she truly cares for her patients. She only uses the top notch dental products on her patients because she believes you must always use the best material if you are going to put it in your body. She is generous and gives away a year supply of the best toothbrushes to each of the patients. She will ensure the patient has a painless experience because she cannot stand to see patients in pain because she herself cannot tolerate pain.

She is a highly qualified and reputable dentist. She graduated from UOP, which is one of the best dental schools in the country. She has 4 college degrees. Because she is ethical and highly competent, her patients include other dentists, dental laboratory technicians, dental insurance companies, medical doctors, law enforcement officers, etc. She has been acknowledged with the highest rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Her degrees and other memberships include:


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